Our Chocolate Easter Bouquet is sure to bring a smile this Easter, either as a gift or to brighten up your Easter table!!

The Chocolate Easter Bouquet is the perfect way to let someone know you are thinking of them this Easter!! With a winning combination of mini chocolate eggs and flowers, just what everone wants!! Unlike real flowers this Chocolate Origami flower makes the ideal keepsake token, to remind you of that special someone for years to come.

This Easter Bouquet made from high quality, bright cheerful paper, is the ideal gesture!! Made up of six stems, each petal forms a pocket to hold a small chocolate egg.

Hand-crafted, these blooms are beautifully presented. Each bloom made from cheerful, quality paper and finished with chirpy buttons is sure to make the sun shine!! Tied in to a hand held bouquet and finished with fabric and ribbon, the bouquet is finished with tissue paper, brown paper, cellophane and more ribbon which your gift tag message is added to. Each bloom comes packaged in luxurious tissue paper, with yellow flower confetti......just perfect if you want to send your bouquet directly to your recipient!!

Chocolate Easter Bouquet